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…this Clay program brings children a peace that is so needed!

Diane Flowers
Site Coordinator, VCUSD

…your program has been such a highlight this year! Our students can’t wait to get there, some of them cry because it’s not their day! We look forward to continuing our partnership with you, this needs to be all across Oakland, it is so beneficial to our youth!

Nailah Franklin,
Site Coordinator, Brookfield Elementary, OUSD

After School Play in Clay brings critical thinking skills to kids in a fun and diverse learning environment. Children learn to solve their own problems by creating things that are fun and meaningful to them. This is a well-run program that both inspires and motivates children to enjoy learning. My coordinators tell me how much their kids look forward to it! I whole heartedly recommend bringing After School Play in Clay into your after-school program

Carol Lewis,
Coordinator, Expanded Learning Programs Vallejo City Unified School District

...they can’t wait for the next time they can have a piece of clay in their hands to transform it into something amazing!

Rosie Cruz
Steffan Manor Elementary School

My kids love this after school ceramics class, they make the craziest things! It’s not so much about what they make but how much fun they have making it! This class is the bomb!

Brandon Bray
6th grade Instructor, Cool School Site Coordinator

After School Play in Clay offered great programming to our students. Classes were a huge success and our students really enjoyed not only learning clay techniques but also connecting with each other. This program is top-notch, it is creative and offers students a great outlet for expression and connection through clay.

Leslie Beatson, Ed.D,
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Benicia Unified School District

Clay mouse sculpture

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